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Your business will benefit from a world leading phone system in many ways!

State of the Art Phone System:

This German hardware / software system is a world leader in IP PBX phone system technology … Top selling phone system in UK since August 2008 and top selling phone system in Germany since 2006!
Whether you have a small business or Multi-National our solution is scalable to fit your requirements… There are examples with clients with 2 phones through to internationals with 20,000 phones!
There are so many ways your business will benefit from the Comteq Swyx IP PBX phone solution:

  • Save Money!
  • Earthquake Proof
  • More Efficient
  • Future Proof
  • Best Features
  • More Integrated


If you would like to benefit from any of these features then contact us and we will get a communications expert to review your business and your phone system requirements.

Save Money!

We save on average New Zealand business 62% on their monthly phone account! … This is because with our system the client are able to get FREE LOCAL, NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL calls!!!
To review your phone account there are two options:

  • Contact us to arrange a bill review
  • Click here to complete a bill review self assessment

Earthquake Proof!

The Christchurch Earthquake on 22nd February 2011 has been a challenging time for all businesses in Christchurch, especially those located in the CBD Central Business District.
There are 3 examples highlighting the advantages of our phone system over traditional systems:

  • Relocation Times: While some major Telcos have taken over 3 weeks to install a single phone line, we have relocated businesses and reconfigured their phone systems in 40 minutes!
  • Better Connections: On the day of the Earthquake a Comteq technician was completing a client installation of our phone system.  The client therefore had both the old phone system and their new Comteq Swyx System.
  • Straight after the quake the clients attempted contacting team members, family and friends.  While their old Telephone system using traditional lines gave the “System is overloaded” signals, calls from the Comteq system were completed successfully!
  • Stay Connected: When a traditional phone system doesn’t have power and someone attempts to dial your business, they will get a disconnected signal and it appears you are out of business… With the Comteq Phone System however if the business losses power or if the internet goes down the system automatically diverts any incoming calls through to your pre-assigned phone number … Most clients pick their mobile number … No missed calls!

More Efficient

Saving time is saving money … One of the Comteq aims is to make your business is more efficient … Through the Swyx Call Management connecting your clients directly saves your time and gives better client service. One touch Dialing saves just one Comteq member 15-20 minutes a day, over 3 hours weekly!


    • Better Call Management:  Through a stronger and easy user interface we can setup to give you business a more professional image and the client gets connected to the correct person with minimum of fuss and time.For any changes, we can easily remote in to your system and make these changes on your behalf.  Click here to see an example of Swyx Admin call management.


  • One Touch Dialling: Whether you are using your accounting system, CRM or the internet web page, simply highlight the number of the person you are calling, press a button on the keyboard and the phone starts dialling …Because the system integrates seamlessly with your desktop phone, simply pick up the receiver to speak.Check out how Swyx links to your phone through SwyxIT … Click here for SwyxIt demonstration

Future Proof

The Comteq Swyx System is the last phone system you will ever need!

Featureless traditional phone systems usually require upgrading every 3 to 5 years, or even sooner when you need and want a new feature that isn�t supported.

The Comteq Swyx phone system however is under a continual upgrade process from the German company … Because it is a software solution, updates and new features are continually being release from the Swyx. As part of our service contract your business receives any Swyx updates free of charge as they come out. Therefore your system always has the latest features and benefits on offer…

Best Features

The Comteq Swyx Phone System has so many benefits; you will wonder how you and your business ever did without it! Use SwyxIT, the Computer Interface to your desk phone to complete have some amazing benefits:

  • Call Management / Caller Status: Easily connect and divert calls to extensions or even remote office and branches. Single click for mobile phones diversions. No who is one the phone and who isn’t … When will they be back?
  • One Touch Dialling: Whether you are using your accounting system, CRM or the internet web page, simply highlight the number of the person you are calling, press a button on the keyboard and the phone starts dialling …Because the system integrates seamlessly with your desktop phone, simply pick up the receiver to speak.
  • Caller ID: See who is calling you … Phone number and the name of the one calling…
  • Caller Lists: At one click, see who has called (by name, number, date and time) in and out of your business (Including Missed calls)
  • Missed calls: See what calls you missed (including their name) and call them back using the One-Touch Dialling feature.
  • Conversation Recording: At a single button click record the conversation for later play back. Great for training, missed meetings and a security issues.
  • Conference Calling: Whether you want to speak with one person or 10 people! Have a conference call with a single button click. No costs like the traditional 80cents per caller per minute). Your Swyx conferencing will be simpler and FREE!

Better Integration

  • Mobile Integration:Receive calls to your mobile and divert back to the office! By integrating your mobiles through the Comteq phone system will also benefit with the free calling from your mobile. To see a video on integrating the Swyx iPhone
  • Database Linking: Whether it be Microsoft Outlook, another database or your customised solution, the contact information can be popped to the screen automatically when the client calls …
    • No wasted paper with Swyx faxing
    • Send, store or delete messages and faxes quickly and with ease!
    • Send a fax or voice message directly to a mobile …
    • No problem with the Comteq Swyx solution!Fax & Messages to email: Unified communications is the term referring to everything coming together in one spot. For example:
      1. Faxes in Swyx are emailed with a PDF attachment to your email inbox
      2. Voice messages are emailed with a Wave attachment to your email inbox


More Detail…

Mobile Integration

With Swyx Contact Center Mobile you can integrate your Apple iPhone in your communication infrastructure?
The Swyx Contact Center Mobile for iPhone, provides you with all relevant business information & address data you need. Your global and personal contact list including presence information and also your personal call and redial lists are available any time.

swyx swyx

For each entry in these lists, you can execute further actions directly, such as call the contact or write an e-mail. Within the global contacts in the Swyx Contact Center Mobile, the status “logged on”, “logged off” or “speaking” of any Swyx user in your organization is shown.

swyx swyx swyx

With the possibility of representing the global phonebooks of multiple Swyx Servers as one, you even can get status information from users on other Swyx Servers.

Case Study:

urgent couriers

Urgent Couriers

>> 2,200 inbound and 800 outbound calls per day!

Urgent Couriers did not become one of New Zealand’s largest express service providers by accepting second best. The company was founded on a guiding principal of delivering excellence in all areas, relying on its high standards of customer service and technology. Of course these drivers are both interlinked — even the most able and best trained staff must rely on technology to ensure service promises are met.

Technology enables Urgent Couriers to capture data and update records in real time, making information immediately available to clients through the internet. And underlying this – supporting data management, sales and customer support – is newly installed cutting edge telephony technology from SWYX that ensures communications are handled in the most efficient and economic way possible.

Client Reference Sites:

client refrence sites


Wards Solicitors

“All of our professional resources are now available to our clients with just one in-bound phone call, making our business far more responsive, efficient and professional”
Hugh Cooper, ICT Manager

The Voicecentre

“Swyx has really cracked the challenge of remote telephone access, and this gives us the opportunity to look at home workers as a future development”
Andrew Barclay, Managing Director

Concept Publishing

“We decided on Swyx because the software is constantly evolving, just like our business and has all the functionality to grow our call centre. It’s flexible, reliable, cost effective and saved us around $90,000 in comparison to similar solutions. We would have no hesitation in recommending Swyx to any business looking to upgrade their telephone system”
Pete Siviter, IT Manager


eco Internet Award 2009

eco Internet Award 2009

Swyx has won the eco Internet Award 2009 for its Unified Communications (UC) solution SwyxWare in the Category Unified Communications. The prize is recognised within the industry as the equivalent of the ‘Internet Oscar’ and shows again Swyx’s leading position as a vendor of software based IP communications solutions.

Good Value Award 2009

Good Value Award 2009

Achieving 3 stars Swyx has received ‘Good Value’ awards for 2009 for its SwyxWare Compact & SwyxWare Essential products from What to Buy for Business magazine.

VO.IP Germany 2008

VO.IP Germany 2008

Swyx wins the second place in the category Systems/Applications ahead of Alcatel-Lucent. VO.IP Germany is Germany�s largest convention for Voice and IP based communication technology.

CNA Awards

CNA Awards

Swyx partner, GP Network Solutions wins ‘SME Converged Solution’ in the Convergence category at CNA Awards 2008. The Reseller is recognised for unified communications deployment at Yo Sushi. The Channel Network Awards are regarded as the Oscars of the ICT Channel.

VO.IP Germany 2007

VO.IP Germany 2007

Swyx Partner QSC wins the VO.IP Award 2007 in the category Services/ASP for the hosted SwyxWare solution. VO.IP Germany is Germany�s largest convention for Voice and IP based communication technology.

eco Internet Award 2007

eco Internet Award 2007

Germany’s Internet industry association ‘ECO’ recognised Swyx’s work in the hosted arena, with the “ASP business customer of the year” award, recognised within the industry as the equivalent of the ‘Internet Oscars’.

Comms Channel Awards Winner 2008

Comms Channel Award 2008

Beating off competition from COLT, Nortel, Samsung, TeleWare and Tri-Line Network Telephony, SwyxWare from Swyx was judged as being the most innovative product at the Comms Channel Awards in the category “Best in Class”.

What to Buy for Business - Best Buy Awards (5*)

Best Buy Award

Achieving 4 stars and the „Best Buy“ award SwyxWare is the best system in a product comparison together with Avaya, Alcatel, Cisco and Siemens performed by UK magazine “What to Buy for Business”. Swyx is named “the undisputed king of LAN telephony”.

Pullver 100

Pulver 100

Since 2002 Swyx is one of the pulver100TM companies. The US list seeks to include the international companies that represent the future of the communications ecosystem.

Computer Reseller News Award

Computer Reseller News Award

The Swyx reseller program was awarded by the reseller magazin Computer Reseller News. Beside companies like Cisco and 3Com, Swyx was the only VoIP-manufacturer to receive the award “certified program”.