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What is a CRM (Contact Relationship Management)?

Keeping in contact with your clients is an important but often time consuming process. Contact relationship management software can make this job a lot easier by providing a complete all in one solution for maintaining customer records, generating mail outs and reporting on sales conversion rates and other important statistics.


What is dbCentral?

dbCentral is more than just a CRM. It mixes the traditional client marketing aspect of a CRM with other business processes. dbCentral also manages:

  • Job & project management: Different stages of the job process with (auto) activities that can enable you to measure performance of the service team through KPI analysis.
  • Prospecting & Telemarketing: A specific module to deal with leads that are yet part of any database. Tele-Sales people require fast and easy to use interfaces that traditional CRM’s are not designed for
  • Campaign Management: Whether an event such as a meeting, sales promotion, email mailout, Letter mailout, Box Drop, TV or Radio Campaign, you need to measure the results. Number of leads, correspondence, opportunities and sales generated.
  • Time & Recording: The Time module enables you to measure how much time was allocated to get a sale, how much time was spent on a job, workout chargeable time, what items were sold or worked with. Time module creates compatibility with third party accounting systems.
  • Performance Analysis: Whether it be the number of calls someone has made, appointments they have attended or set, number of jobs completed, conversion rates from prospects to opportunities, opportunities to sales…


Why use dbCentral?

dbCentral makes the whole business and client relationship management process measurable. From notifying you when to next contact particular clients, through to merge mailing lists that are sensitive to client type and history and …


dbCentral Features:

  • Leads and Prospecting
  • Contact Details – Suspects, Prospects, Customers, Associates, Suppliers, Team members, Partners, Counterparts
  • Sales Pipeline – Prospect > Opportunity > Pending > Quoting > Presentations > Closing
  • Recording Client Communication – Emails, Letters, Phone Conversations, Meetings, Appointments, Opportunities, Jobs, Sales
  • Marketing Campaigns – Marketing initiatives, Mail outs, Campaign distribution and effectiveness, Opportunity and Sale
  • Job management – Job Tracking and Project analysis
  • Test and Measurement – KPI Reports, Pipeline analysis, Campaign Analysis, Performance reporting, Customised reports



Contact us today and one of our CRM experts will assist you to work out how much dbC with help your business. Either email or call us today to arrange an appointment with one of our specialists.